Soupy Tang Fashion People - Washi Tape
Descriptions: Creative people faces design by Illustrator Kogyo Shosha.  Size: 2.5 cm x 1000 cm Made in Japan
Bunny's Flower Shop Washi Tape
12 styles of bunnies with different flowers Size: 2cm, Patterns cycle in 90 cm; total length: 10m Made in Taiwan
Nation Costume Colorful Flower - Washi Tape
Description  National Costume tape is inspired by gorgeous folk costumes, print with gold foil and colorful special flower patterns.  Size: Width 15mm x Length 5m Made in China
$3.25 $2.50
National Flag Washi Tape
Size: Width 2 cm; Length: 500 cm Made in Japan
$4.55 $3.35
Color Pencil Drawing Washi Tape
Size: 2cm. Pattern cycle in 90cm. Length: 10M Made in Taiwan
Spring Leaves - Washi Tape
Size: 2cm x 1000 cm Made in Japan
$5.65 $4.80
MiriKulo:rer Red Flower - Washi Tape
Red Flower Washi Tape is a charming and cute looking tape. It is an excellent tape to use either by quality or by look. It is easy to place at all kinds of surfaces like paper, wood, metal, etc.  Size: 1.5...
Notebook Washi tape
Size: Width 30mm x Length 7m Made in Japan
$3.85 $3.00
Meow Illustration - Pinkish Carnival Washi Tape (Matte)
Description  This pinkish carnival Washi tape is unique and stylish tape to enhance the look of your creative work as well as your decoration. It is easy to attach and remove without smudges left on the surface.  Size: 40mm x 10m...
Trip & Holiday in Greece- Washi Tape
Description Trip and holiday in Greece tape is a watercolor tape with landscape in Greece making you recalling beautiful memories back in Europe.  Size: 2cm x 500 cm (0.78 Inch x 196.85 Inch) Made in Japan
Birds & Feather - Washi Tape
Description Birds & Feather Washi Tape is an excellent add-on for your paper work. It is used for multi-purposes like decorating or gift wrapping, etc. It tears easily and can be safely applied to a variety of surfaces. Size: 15mm x...
Bread & Pear- Washi Tape
 Description This Bread & Pear Washi tape is perfect for those who loves pastries and baking. It makes a perfect add-on to journals, gifts.  Size: 2cm x 1000 cm (0.78 Inch x 0.4 Inch) Made in Japan
$6.35 $4.50
Bear's Chocolate Washi Tape
Size: 2cm, pattern cycle in 90 cm. Length 10m Made in Taiwan
Cat's Fruit Shop Washi Tape
14 styles of cats with Fruits (Peaches, Kiwis, Strawberries, Cherries) Size: W 2cm; Patterns cycle in 90cm, L 10cm Made in Taiwan
Dessert Girl Washi Tape
Size: 3cm, patterns cycle in 60cm. Total length: 10m Made in Taiwan
Hydrangea Cat Washi Tape
Size: 1.5cm, Cycle in 60 cm Total length: 10m Made in Taiwan
Pencil line Washi Tape
Size: 1.5 cm x 1000 cm ( 0.59 Inch x 393.70 Inch) Made in Japan
Moon - Washi Tape
Description Moon Washi Tape is a beautiful tape that makes your artwork come alive.  Usage Moon Washi Tape is used to make your artwork look more creative and stylish. You can make greeting cards, baskets and boxes decoration, and all...
Leaf Vector - Washi Tape
Description This Japanese masking tape is great for layering effects, scrap booking, decorating your planner, journal, and etc.. Washi tapes can be easily removed and re-positioned numerous times. They don't tear or damage the paper and leave no residue. Material: Japanese paper. Size: 2cm x 500...
Kitchenware- Washi Tape
Description If you love to cook, you'll definitely love this tape. You can use it for your journals, letters, and etc. It’s a Japanese masking tape with extra adhesion. It doesn’t leave any residue on the surface. Size: 2cm x 1000...
Liang Feng Watercolor Squirrel Washi Tape
Size: 3cm x 1000cm (1.18 Inch x 39.37 Inch) Made in Japan
$6.99 $5.50
MiriKulo:rer Vegetable Washi Tape
Description This masking tape is for vegetable lovers. Beautiful and attractive vegetables are printed on it. It is sticky and easy to remove without any residue on the surface. Size: 1.5 cm x 1000 cm (0.59 Inch x 393.70 Inch) Made...
For Lemon Lovers - Washi Tape
Description  This Washi Tape is designed by a Taiwan Illustrator Liang Feng who likes drawing watercolor paintings for stationeries. Lemon and lime bring some freshness for hot summer. This fruit Washi tape is so beautiful and attractive. Can be used...
Laundry - Washi tape
Description This cute laundry washi tape is die-cut to highlight the shape of the clothes. This is great for layering effects, scrap booking, decorating your planner, journal, and etc.. Washi tapes can be easily removed and re-positioned numerous times. They don't tear or...
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